One of the tips before you buy and build your dream house is to choose the right location. Below there is a practical guide for choosing the location of housing:

In determining the location before getting home, we need to be observant development observe an area that is closely related to the development of an area. Besides, should often look at a housing exhibition event or diligent walk into territory which is or will be built by developers.

We recommend that in determining the choice of residential location must be matched with a map of the area, as well as to develop insights from a range of information (brochures, ads) about the location of housing, but also can view the location of the macro level, such as: road network, the track voltage cable high, the location of the nearest large river, where the path trains and various city development plans.

Do not forget also to seek information orally from colleagues who know the area of housing that will be choose. This information is as a complementary idea to determine the location. From the results looking for info and a walk, then the activities of observation can be used to compare the advantages and disadvantages of several alternative locations of the most attractive housing.

Before deciding to choose to buy and Build Houses should first check the legality of the location. The legal aspect that can be asked to Copy Certificate Company is the Master Developer for the selected location of housing, it is to provide certainty about the legality of land ownership which will be developed (the solution to the certificate of the parent) to SHGB or SHM selected above lots are not in problems.

Apart from the development company can also ask the nearest village or district on a site plan for housing, whether already has permits to build a house on the location of the principle in question. The element of legality above applies to the location of housing that is really new to be built, while for the location of housing sites that have been / are being built can be asked in more detail such as: Letters of land (AJB, PHTB, SHM / SHGB), completeness of the IMB.

Facility infrastructure is complete and sufficient is one of the main tips from the developers in promotional sales houses. Developers often do not even offer prizes to lull potential consumers to buy one of his products.