The following pine tree fairy lights as an identity and cheerful Christmas celebration. The atmosphere is more upbeat on the big day will be created when supported in a slightly different arrangement of the house than usual.

By Christmas, some people intentionally change the look of their home to appear more different and interesting. One of the dominant or definitive way is by presenting a Christmas tree. In addition, the atmosphere is always fun to be created in each room. Of course, you can always travel somewhere for Christmas holidays, in some warmer countries, like Thailand. YourKohSamuiVillas offers excellent accommodation for Koh Samui island, typical example for carefully chosen properties on beautiful locations.

Architect Andrew Herman states, there is some room for the most major overhaul, including tamu. the concept in the living room is for gathering and fun. So, to keep in mind the atmosphere you want created. Christmas atmosphere was not festive. So, the atmosphere in the room should be lifted. Usually the concept is different than usual, especially in terms of lighting. Lighting in the living room more lively and bright.

Light here means a festive Christmas, but also warm. For that, the nuances that formed should have a similar principle, namely the atmosphere cozy and warm. You do this by selecting the indirect light. While his direct light can be taken from the Christmas tree. So, the atmosphere is light but warm.

In addition to lighting, to create the feel of Christmas in the house, which is important for your Christmas present is an accessory. Take for example the leaves of pine that you can shape into one of the accessories such as ring-shaped tree that is usually displayed at the front door. In addition, visual or audio effects from the Christmas tree. For example, the effect of snow that can be created from cotton or foam. Do not forget to note the character or nature of his office. Because, do not have all your space with the dominant design for Christmas. There are times when certain spaces that are private such as bedrooms, need not dominant. Simply put some accents on the headboard, the Christmas atmosphere can be created.

As for the category of public space, said Andrea, who wants to rely on the concept developed. Because, Andry said, could have everything in the house used as an accent so that space becomes festive. Note also the spatial dimension.
When the vast space is limited, the concept could be applied in order to accommodate lesehan many people. However, still note the people who came.

Note also the placement of accessory systems. When in the foyer, you should put in the position of center of the room. So when people come first direct knowing ‘oh’re celebrating. For example, put the Christmas tree in the center hall foyer. Or another example, put a long table and the top could be placed some Christmas ornaments.

While other rooms besides the living room, usually a nice accessory would be placed in the corner. Because, generally when I’m doing the celebration of multiple points of space into a “dead”. Special dining room and kitchen, should the concept be made into one with the concept of standing or buffet. In addition to creating their interactions, the concept is also much easier to implement, especially for limited land. If one wants to put a sofa, choose a comfortable. As for choosing his desk, consider the types of foods and how many people are invited. This will determine how big the table is needed. Alternatively, could use a table minibar as a place of food.