Having a home is a dream for every family. Often times we are faced with the problem of choice that so many options that exist to make us become increasingly difficult to choose. Houses are not just used as a place of rest, refuge, shelter from the sun and rain, but also as a place to socialize, learn, and even some are buying homes for investment. The following description of the goods times you can use as reference in choosing a home.

1. Financial Capability.
• Customize your ability to pay a price which would you buy a house. If the price is affordable and you have more money, then you can choose to purchase by way of hard cash. But if not enough you can buy it on a home loan. If through this way you can estimate how much mortgage you can spend each month. Usually the maximum mortgage is 1 / 3 of salary, although sometimes there are some banks that can provide up to 40% of salary.Visit https://www.purplepayday.loan/ provide lower mortgage interest rates.

2. Housing Location.
• Do not just pay attention to the ease of access roads to and from the place of your activities, but also must ensure flood-free location, safe, close to educational facilities, hospital, shopping center (for those who like shopping). The choice of location will also greatly affect the sale price in the future if we want to sell it back. Investigate also the environment around housing, safely away from the plant / disposal of waste or garbage. So that will affect our comfort during your stay in this housing.

3. Reputation Developer.
• Pay attention to track records and great developers. Choose which already has experience in developing housing. If you need to visit the location of housing that has / is being built by this developer. Pay attention to the quality of the building, wondered at the inhabitants of the services of these developers from starting price deal until the service after sales service.

4. Housing Facility.
• Usually, each developer will provide public and social facilities for residents of housing. Even if there is no compensation if there are facilities that they can give to residents later.

5. Building Specifications.
• Usually the developer has put the building specifications in the brochures he made. This specification relates to materials that will be used in their construction. Like the roof of wood or lightweight steel, tile roof usually mention specific brands and others.