For those of you who want to fill the room with furniture that matches the available budget may not be too difficult. Just buy only low-cost, quality okay, and maybe with a bonus model, guaranteed. But along with the development design exterior or the building that leads to a minimalist style, the furniture and the interior was a lot of minimalist style. But there are a few tips you should consider in choosing furniture is minimalist cool so as not memorable, less attractive, even monotonous.

Room Survey

We recommend before filling the room with minimalist furniture, your first surveyed large room, high-ceiling, wall color, and also the theme that you want for the room. For example, the traditional theme of minimalism, classical, Mediterranean, etc..

Room Arrangement

For small or narrow space it should use a simple minimalist furniture, functional, lightweight, but still stylish. Minimalist furniture can provide far-reaching effects or relief in the space. Small room will seem large when the amount of furniture is not too much, and the center point in the room such as shape and size of a large window or painting a shocking effect in color or size. To arrangement of the room size is quite large, it can be done division segment -segments according to function. Large room give more options in interior structuring, like a large space can be filled with family room and dining room at once without using the bulkhead so as not to narrow memorable. Restrictions room can be done by using the split-level on the floor, or table-sized console that is long enough, or with the proper arrangement of sofas. Wall paint color selection also has an important role. Be sure to choose colors “safe” for such a minimalist arrangement of the room white, gray, black, beige, maroon, and the colors of the land. Dramatic colors like orange, pink, light green, less suitable for this theme. Keep furniture ranges in color or monochrome color matching.

Room Themes Adjustment

For the selection of the theme of space, matching the character yourself or your family. You are a busy match with a practical and functional design. For small families with few members of the family, the number of minimalist furniture most suitable for use because it does not require much space and easy maintenance.